10 Amazing Things Invented By Kids

Kids are really one of the most precious gift of the nature. Every human child is unique and innovative with their thinking. Sometimes we adults also get surprised to see some kid doing something amazing or coming up with an idea we never thought was possible. But what these 10 people did as a kid crossed all limits and hit us hard on our prejudice about kids.

These 10 people invented some amazing tools at a very young age. Some of these things are still used today but anyone hardly know about the inventors. These kids came out with an idea and made it a reality. And these inventions literally changed the world forever.

1. Waterskiing

Image by Scinauticando.com, CC BY-SA 2.5, Wikimedia

We all know what that is and maybe you did this yourself. But Ralph Samuelson knows better than all of us. Because he is known as the first human being to ever ski on the surface of water. According to USA water ski foundation, 18 year old Ralph Samuelson skied for several yards before he fell on June 28, 1922.

He was trying to do this thing for five days and then he succeeded to do skiing on water for a few seconds. Samuelson himself did not counted this as a success but now we all know he is the first of us ever skied on water. The site was Lake Pepin at Lake City, Minnesota, USA.

2. Winter Earmuff

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This one awesome thing that protects our ear in the winter times today and possibly even continue saving forever was actually invented by 15 year old Chester Greenwood with the help of his grandmother. The story is that, one awesome cold morning of the winter, little Greenwood was trying have some fun doing ice skating.

But he was really bothered about how he couldn't just keep his ears warm using his scarf. So he went to his grandmother with a piece of wire to sew tufts of fur between the loops of wire. And the end result was one perfect creation of the first earmuff that actually works still today. He manufactured these ear protectors, providing jobs for people in the Farmington area for nearly 60 years.

3. Toy Truck

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An everyday toy for kids of the previous era was this toy truck that could be easily assembled and disassembled by a child. This awesome idea came from the kid named Robert Patch at the age of 5 only! On June 4, 50 years ago, Robert W. Patch of Chevy Chase, Maryland was awarded a patent for a toy truck design. That makes him the youngest person with a US patent.

He wanted a truck to be able to easily transform from a dump truck to a semi-truck or flat bed and vice versa. And he used some shoe boxes, some bottle caps and nails as he remembered doing this as a kid.

4. Trampoline

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At the age of 16, gymnast George Nissen completed his high school but was not really interested to go to the college. Instead he decided to pay a visit to the circus and and saw the performers falling into a net that protects them from hitting on the ground. He thought it would be cool if he could make something more sophisticated that gives more bounce. He used many different materials to make a trampoline and in 1934, at age 20 the first one was created. It was made from canvas, grommets, and inner tubes.

He took it to YMCA summer camp where he was a counselor so that he could get some people use it and share how they feel about this invention. And not surprisingly, it became one of the most entertaining thing ever and everyone seems to love it a lot. George Nissen officially trademarked his invention and named it "trampoline" and began selling it to public. Trampoline was even advertised as a military training device and was used to help get the soldiers in shape for combat.

5. Braille Alphabet

Perhaps this is one of the most important inventions ever; the Braille Alphabet was invented by Louis Braille when he was only 15. Louis Braille sadly lost his sight in an accident when he was only 3 years old. Braille used his specially made books with raised words on paper. But that makes the books very heavy and expensive as well which is not very appropriate for a blind person carry.

Braille was always looking for a solution and was in search of effective way for the blinds for reading. Eventually, he came up with an idea of a new alphabet using only six round dots. He used his fathers tools and some paper to develop this braille alphabet and now it has became the universal language for all blind people all over the world.

6. Mechanical Calculator

Also called Pascal's calculator was a very advanced machine invented by Blaise Pascal when he was very young. He primarily started building this calculator to help his father on his work of calculation of taxes. In 1642, while still a teenager, he started some pioneering work on calculating machines. After three years of effort and 50 prototypes, he built 20 finished machines (called Pascal's calculators and later Pascalines) over the following 10 years, establishing him as one of the first two inventors of the mechanical calculator. (wikipedia)

Besides inventing the calculator, he has contributed on countless areas on mathematics, geometry, physics, economics, social science and many others. He wrote a significant treatise on the subject of projective geometry at the age of just 16. He was incredibly intelligent and a true genius. No doubt that it became clear that what he would do in later phases of his life right from his childhood.

7. KidCare Riding Car

These are the toy cars that could be driven by kids resembling the actual real life cars. Spencer Whale at the age of 6 came up with this idea of creating small cars for kids. In 1998 when he first visited a local hospital he realised it's very difficult for young patients to move when they are sick or an IV attached.

This leads him to find this idea of creating a small car with plastic. This invention made him the youngest inductee into the National Gallery of America’s Young Inventors.

8. All-Electronic Television

Many inventors contributed on making the modern television and different parts of it. But the invention of first all-electronic television is attributed to Philo Farnsworth. He came up with the idea of creating an all electronic television at the age of only 15.

From his early childhood, when the world has just started seeing the revolution of electronic devices, made him very passionate about electronics technology. He first presented his idea of a vacuum tube (that would later revolutionize the television) to his teacher.

It was in 1922 and obviously no one really cared about that or failed to see the potential. In 1926 he finally got the financial investment to actually build the system. Now he is known for 1927 invention of the first fully functional all-electronic image pickup device (video camera tube), the "image dissector", as well as the first fully functional and complete all-electronic television system.

9. Snowmobile

15-year-old Joseph Armand Bombardier felt very bothered about the fact that it is hard to get around with multiple feet of snow covering the ground in the winter. He was in the small, rural Quebec town of Valcourt. And this is normal scene there in the winter times. He thought that it couldn't go like this anymore and must be solved for the good.

His idea was to build a vehicle that can go smoothly on the snow and it should go fast. He took out the engine of his father’s broken Ford Model T and soon he was able to build a vehicle in which a sled was driven by a propeller linked to the drive shaft of the Model T.

Since no one else ever did something like this before him, ultimately, this made him an inventor; the inventor of snowmobile. Later, he also sold his invention to the public.

10. The Hot Seat for kids

This is a very recent (2010) invention by high school senior Alissa Chavez. This is a special kind of car seat for kids that automatically alerts parents when they go within 12 meters (40 ft) of their child in a car.

But unfortunately, this invention is not yet available to the public but Chavez has patented her idea and working with engineers and investors to perfect her invention. Hope she will soon start to commercially sell it and that could help a lot of people.

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